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how to stop masturbationThanks so much for your interest in our 'Stop Masturabtion' book. This book has been of great use to lots of users online. I want you to read the comments of some of the users of this guide which is the first-of-its kind in the treatment of this topic:

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" I downloaded the free version of your book and i must confess it has really helped me. I have been addicted to this problem for long and it is ev
en having a telling effect on my marriage...I need further counselling from you"!

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Dear Friend,

I am Sesan Oguntade, Author and CEO, InfoBooks Resources. I love to write practical problem-solving information products. I have created many of such products on how to end addiction, how to stop masturbation, how to handle distractions, how to react to dreams, 2 Quick Ways to Cure Addiction and many others. Great confusion has trailed the topic of masturbation over the years and it is more confusing that most of the confusing comments have come from Christians and Bible teachers, those i believe should know better. I was on a Christian forum sometimes ago and i noticed a long thread on this topic. I observed that most of the solutions provided on the forum lacked some practical tips on how "patients" of this problem can obtain a solution. Having been involved in Christian counseling duties to teenagers and youths who have had to struggle with this problem, i felt the urge to produce a simple, workable, biblical guide that "patients" will readily relate with.

The first edition of this report drew lots of comments from readers who testified of the usefulness of the story - format method of explaining simple solutions to the problem - a method no one has ever used! This letter is presenting the revised edition of this report and i believe you will not miss it at this introductory price with the bonuses attached to it. This simple-to-use guide has been produced to present a unique method of solving this problem the way no else has done it till now! You will be reading a simple story and reading through simple charts and will be obtaining simple, practical methods of solving a problem that has made you to suffer from guilt for many years now. I want you to read more testimonies from early users of the first edition of the book:

Testimonial 3: “It  have just read you book, How to Stop Masturbation By Reading a Simple Story as I am currently struggling with Dopamine addiction. The book was of great interest to me and I liked the story you gave to help people. I'll certainly try the techniques you advised”

Testimonial 4: Your book is great. I hope there are books like this which can treat these types of problems this way. Thank you.

It is likely you have:

wondered whether the act of masturbation is a godly act or not.
got yourself involved in it from your teenage years and have got yourself hooked to it without any hope of you stopping it.
allowed this act to affect your relationship with the opposite sex.
allowed this act to affect your relationship with God.
preffered this act to the normal sex you have with your spouse.
read lots of books on this topic but the books have left you more confused than you were before you picked them up to read.
allowed this act to have negative effect on your mental balance.
allowed wrong comments from ignorant and less-informed 'Counselors' to get you more confused.
even read so many contrasting comments on online forums which have not done any good to your fight against this 'sickness'.
desired a simple, systematic guide that will introduce you to the 'cure' of this 'sickness'.
even had several appointments with Doctors, Counselors and the likes but all to no avail.

If all of the above applied to you, then i am assuring you that you will soon:

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You Can Stop Masturbation...A Simple Story Illustration Shows You How!

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You Can Stop Masturbation...A Simple Story Illustration Shows You How!


P.S: Stopping masturbation can be as simple as you reading a simple story and reading simple charts.

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You Can Stop Masturbation...A Simple Story Illustration Shows You How! 


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