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The ebooks are available in many e-formats and paper-back formats.  The videos, podcasts and online video courses have been written and produced to provide specific solutions to specific problems. Browse through our store below. You should note that there are both free and premium books in this database. They are distributed through the major e-stores online. Let us read your comments on these books. This database have been created from our book series like Bible Short Reports and the You Can book series with titles like, How to Maintain Focus and Concentration, How to Develop The Skills of Solving Problems, How to Handle Distractions. Check the database below for more.

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“Loved reading How to set high Christian Standards! I love studying Gods word! This short was a blessing!!!”  @Tracycccct

clems-emy“I will like to thank you for being a good positive influence to the Kingdom of God. Success is a journey and I am glad that you have helped many (through your books) to work on the right path” clems emy. 

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Free Online Christian Course
How to Get a Miracle from God With Your Faith (Premium)
violent anger control techniques
How I Overcame Violent Anger
help for business owners
How to Kick Start That Great Organisation
How to Have a Winning Attitude
Exinsa Principle (a free ebook)
multiply your resources
How to Multiply Your Resources (free ebook)
nigerian politics
SAVIOURS WANTED! To stop Nigeria from Dying (free book)
breakthrough moment
How to Recognize Your Breakthrough Moments
20 ways to make money with books
20 Ways to Make Money with Your Books (a free book)
focus and concentration book
How to Maintain Focus and Concentration (a free books)
books appeal to readers
How to Make Your Books Appeal to Readers
Book Cover: How to Avoid Cultism Traps in the University
How to Avoid Cultism Traps in the University
worship of god
It Goes Beyond Your Dance Steps (a free book)
faith christian
How Healthy is Your Faith? (a free book)
What is Personal Development?
10 Secrets of Christian Personal Development
How to Prepare For Jesus' Second Coming (a free book)
christian book free
How to Set High Christian Standards (a free book)
how to react to dreams
How to React to Dreams
10 success secrets of jesus
10 Success Secrets of Jesus
stooping teenage addiction problems
2 Quick Ways to Cure Addiction
biblical success principle
Jesus and Your Success (a free book)
overcome worry and anxiety
How You Can begin To Overcome Worry and Anxiety
How To Exit The Cage of Fear
born again christians
A Letter To Newly Born Again Christians
Book Cover: 52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success
52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success
How To Fly With Your Faith
stop masturbation
You Can Stop Masturbation
job success
99 Success Secrets For Your Personal Development, Business and Job Success
stop sex sins
You Can Stop Sex Sins: How to Stop or Avoid Sexual Immorality
secrets to fulfill visions
33 Effective Christian Strategies to Grow a Successful Business (a free book)
violent anger control techniques
How I Overcame Violent Anger (a free book)
husband marriage book
6 Mistakes I Made As A New Husband: How Christian Husbands Can Avoid These Errors And Save Their Marriages
jobs performance
27 Christian Ways To Improve Your Job Performance
How To Connect With God Spiritually
Practical Guide to Christian Self Improvement
new books releases from amazon
Billion-Dollar Freebies Strategy

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