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Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. This is a letter from sch clear cut identityme to you and it is to show you in simple terms what our Christian organisation, Success Christian Home (SCH) is all about. We call it Our Clear-Cut Identity. In this letter you will see what the SCH Dream is all about. You will also read about our God-given vision and mission. Please take your time to read this letter and get back to us if you have any question or enquiries to make. I hope to read or hear from you.

  1. General Brief About Our Ministry: Success Christian Home exists to shine the light of Jesus Christ to individuals, families, societies and countries of the earth. We believe a Christ-filled individual can have godly influence on his or her family. A Christ-filled family can have godly influence on its society. A Christ-filled society can have godly influence on a country. A Christ-filled country can have godly influence on the systems of the earth thereby subduing the world under the influence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To us at SCH, light shining is all about solving problems. This is the reason why our Christian organisation is filled with different ideal organizations which have been set up to solve the practical problems of the people and the society using biblical principles. We are passionate about solving problems and turning our members into passionate problem solvers.

SCH is therefore positioned by God to i) solve problems using biblical principles ii) train people to solve problems using biblical principles iii) inform, educate the people on why true solution to the world’s problems can only come through Jesus Christ iv) inform and educate the world that the final or permanent solution to the world’s problems will come when Jesus comes back.

  1. Message of Our Ministry: “Without Jesus, you cannot succeed” (John 15:5b)
  2. Slogan of Our Ministry: Shining the light. Raising problem solvers (Genesis 1:17)
  3. Vision Statement: To raise those who will be problem solvers in the society
  4. Mission Statement: To accomplish the vision above, we hope to i) teach and preach the ability of Jesus Christ to save the lost (Matthew 18:11). ii) teach and preach the goodness that is in the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ (Mathew 24: 4-51). iii) teach and preach success principles in Jesus Christ that will make you and I put to use our God-given potentials (John 15:5b).
  5. Our Core Values: i) Holiness ii) Love (for God and the people) iii) Righteousness (to do the works Jesus did and greater works) iv) Discipline (Accountability) v) Quality (Excellence) vi) Service (to God and humanity) vii) Faith (in God only) viii) Light Shining (Adding values and solving problems).
  6. The SCH Dream or Divine Agenda: i) A channel to draw souls to Christ ii) A Channel to draw people to heaven iii) A channel to build people who only rely on God’s Word iv) A Channel to build people who rise to solve problems using God’s Word v) To play a great role in bringing righteousness and sanity to the education industry. vi) To set up a bible school that will not only train ministers but raise people as passionate problem solvers in the society. vii) To set up model academic schools at all levels that will not only run on the ‘fuel’ of God’s Word but also produce exemplary Christian students. viii) To train millions of market-place ministers of the gospel of Jesus ix) To train millions of do-it-yourself Christians x) To bring millions of souls together for worship services xi) To bring hope to millions of the downtrodden, less-privileged, and depressed people of the society xii) To build SCH as a world-class, heaven-conscious, Christ-glorifying service centre which will be run on the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth from God’s Word.

Thank you for reading through this letter. Just like I said at the beginning, it is the SCH Clear-cut Identity. It is our God-given dream and we are going to accomplish this by His grace.

I welcome you to our service centre at Success Christian Home where we have, by God’s grace, divine provisions and establishments that will not only make you grow adequately as a Christian but can also turn you into a do-it-yourself problem-solving Christian according God’s Word which calls you the ‘the light or the world’ and the ‘salt of the earth’ (Matthew 5: 13-14).

Let me read or hear from you via these feedback mechanisms: Phone: 08034300979 07066360364, Email: fill our contact form Whatsapp: 08034300979 Twitter: @SesanOguntade. I will personally answer your calls and reply your emails.

Thank you.

Sesan Ogunotade

For: Success Christian Home

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