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Bible Short Reports (Free)

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bible short reports

Bible Short Report are Bible application resources that have been developed to explain Bible success principles in a language the readers would easily relate with.

These free reports in ebooks, podcasts, videos and online video courses formats are between 15-60 pages (for e-books) long, 30 minutes to 45 minutes for audios and videos. They won’t take much of your time but will explain the basic success teachings.

Examples that are available on our membership page are:

  1. How to Develop the Skills of Solving problems
  2. How to Maintain Focus and Concentration
  3. How to Fly With You Faith
  4. How to Handle Distractions
  5. Jesus and Your Success
  6. How to Multiply Your Resources
  7.  How to Become Super Successful
  8. How to Set High Christian Standards
  9. The Significance of God’s Rest on the 7th Day

And more…

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