You Can Series

About The ‘You Can’ Series

When I was about a year-old in Christ, I was studying the Bible one day when I stumbled upon the interesting Bible passage of John 15:5b which reads, “…without Me (Jesus) you are nothing.” The Spirit of God threw a great light on this Bible passage that drew an unusual interest from me. Since I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I had stayed very close to God’s word reading and studying through many Bible passages but the light that shown very brightly on this particular passage was great and it drew an unusual interest from me.

Some of the problems I had before I gave my life to Jesus Christ were as follows:

  1. Myself and my siblings had grew under extreme poverty and when I struggled to find a good job after graduation, I got tensed up and I seriously needed help from any quarter to salvage the situation.
  2. As a result of my predicament, I also desired a set of success principles that I could follow in my lifetime that will solve all the problems that myself and my family had and which would not destroy me at the end. I had seen and read stories of people who have embraced methods from other sources which have destroyed them at the end. I don’t want any of these; I wanted a SURE set of success principles.


  1. We have been roundly disappointed on many occasions by friends, relatives and others that I have grown wary of ever finding help from any man.

Described above was my state before I discovered John 15:5b.

When Jesus said to me from this Bible verse that “I am all you need to be successful”; I reacted to His statement in the following ways:

  1. I was excited that someone was promising me the much needed set of success principles if only I could stay connected to Him.
  2. On the other hand, I was surprised that a Man could be so confident to declare that no man can succeed outside Him. Men have disappointed me on many occasions in the past, therefore, If I am now reading from a Man who is declaring with all confidence that I CAN only succeed or achieve anything worthy of celebration if only I am connected to Him drew some resentments from me – yes I questioned His ability to throw this statement at me!

Well, thank God for the light the Spirit of God shined on this great Bible passage then. From this period and now, the Spirit of God has done a great job to show me why Jesus was right when he made that statement – He has helped me to discover more truth behind this great statement.


The Message of My Ministry

7 years after this experience, I have been inspired to understand that the content of John15:5b is actually the message God has handed over to me to speak to the world. I have written articles on this, spoken about this on platforms and have sang it as songs in gatherings – with Jesus, anyone CAN succeed!

The You Can series is a collection of books that will be teaching all the Spirit of God has shared with me (and will share with me) on how the people CAN become successful or solve problems in Christ Jesus based on the revelations of John 15:5b.

You CAN become whatever God designed you to be; live the life God wants you to live; solve your problems, solve the problems of others and the society; fulfill purpose if ONLY you can get connected to Jesus and stay connected to Him.

You CAN succeed!

Titles Already Under The ‘You Can’ Series

1.You Can Stop Masturbation
2. You Can Succeed
3. You Can End An Addiction
4. You Can Become a Successful Husband
You Can Become a Great School Teacher
6. You Can Start and Succeed in Business
You Can Avoid Sex Sins
You Can Stop The Devil’s Tricks
You Can Begin To Crush Obstacles

You can


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