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Praise for Some of Our Bible Success Books

  1. “Your e-books are really wonderful…I thank God for introducing me to your e-books…and Thank you for sharing them with me”.    “Jyothsna K” jyothsnatemp  (at)

2. “Thanks for requesting my feedback on your e-book. Frankly speaking, it is a wonderful e-book that can help us have faith in Jesus as the only one who can save us and make us successful in life. I really like this e-book and will read it once more. I will be glad if there are other interesting e-books again from you”. Regards, (Bartholemy), Barthwango (at)

3. “Please thank you for sending your materials to me. God will bless you”. (Appiah Douglas), appiah175 (at)

4. “Thanks (for your ebook). I will like you to assist me by sending some (more) books to me that  will guide me in my journey in the vineyard of God”. (Evangelist Emmanuel John Emaiku), emaku2005 (at)

5. “I looked over your link. I put it on my favourites, because I would like to read more…it is a blessing, and teaching good things…Thank you for sharing it the lord bless you”. Tina, member,

6. “Thank you for this information…” Keith Webb, kvwebb (at)

7. “Hi, thank you very much for that free book. I wish there was an easier way to download spiritual and bible books free of charge. God’s word is free and to spread it for Him and to build His kingdom will surely not go unseen. May God bless those who are doing this selflessly, amen” …Mega, megalici0us (at)

8. “Thank you so much for the ebooks… I love reading them … God bless you more and keep it up!” Jacqueline Abiso abiso105 (at)

9. “I really thank God for the life of those whom (He) is using to give the world undiluted messages and greater opportunity to learn” Rev. I.O Johnson.

10. “I’m so glad to receive these ebooks. May God increase you in Jesus name” David Peter, peter.david28 (at)“Bless you sir, just read your write up, 10 Success Secrets of Jesus… was blessed… Pst Sunny,

11. “I just read it (How to Overcome Worry and Anxiety)…this book has seriously made me smile… I just really wanted to tell you how much I love this book. Everything in it is so true and I’m definitely gonna be reading it every night…” Katie,

12. “I have just read your book, How to Stop Masturbation By Reading a Simple Story as I am currently struggling with Dopamine addiction. The book was of great interest to me and I liked the story you gave to help people. I’ll certainly try the techniques you advised” (Anonymous).

13.  “I just read your book, ‘Letter to Newly Born Again Christians’ and I appreciate it…I am 16 year-old and I need a Christian Counselor…” Miracle Tabitha.

14.  “Your book, Bible Secrets for Effective School Teaching is quite an inspiring work. My prayer: God will take you to deeper realms of insight, revelation, and impartation. Your relevance will not diminish. Amen. Mrs. B. Boladale

15.  “I loved this book (How to Fly With Your Faith)…Wonderful book…So true…” Gerty So,

16.  Loved reading How to set high Christian Standards! I love studying Gods word! This short was a blessing!!! @Tracycccct

17. I was truly blessed and encouraged others to read this book. The advice,scriptures and testimonies has inspired me to push and look to God for my success. Jewel, a Kindle customer review


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