10 Secrets of Christian Personal Development

What is Personal Development?

According to reports on the wikipedia website, personal development is a process of individual self-development and secrets of christian personal developmentthe development of others. It is a continuous search for
principles and methods to improve yourself, skills etc. It is a conscious pursuit of personal growth. The definition continues , “It is not limited to self-help but includes
formal and informal activities for developing others in roles such as teacher, guide, counselor, manager, life coach or mentor. It can be carried out in the context of both
individual level and institution level”. I agree completely with these definitions except for the fact that the God factor was not given the rightful place in the definitions.

Christian Personal Development is therefore a process of allowing God and His principles to guide your conscious pursuit of personal growth through the expansion of self-awareness and knowledge, the improvement of personal skills and the development of others. Moses'
personal development from his fumbling start with God in Exodus 3 and 4 to becoming one of the world's most effective leaders and servant of God could only be possible because he allowed God and His principles to shape him.

This book shows simple ways a Christian can develop adequately the way God desires it.

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About Sesan Oguntade

Sesan Ogunotade is a Success Motivator and Christian Personal Development expert. He is the President of Success Christian Home and the Founder of The Success Laboratory Int'l Seminars. Loves to write books and He writes the Bible Short Reports series available free of charge on this website or at http://www.sesanoguntade.com/shortreports.html. You can contact him through the contact page on this blog.

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