52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success

Book Cover: 52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success

Are you Finding it Difficult Running and Sustaining a Business as a Christian?

business successThis book will be of immense benefit to you and your business. The 52 business development tips discussed in this book can act as a weekly devotional for you that will take you throughout a year. You can pick and read each secret tip on the first day of the week – Monday. Your bible should be by your side as you read through each secret tip since you will have to read through the bible passages indicated under each tip.

This book also shares complete stories of how organisations of today have used these principles to grow their businesses. Each story is shown under each bible tip.

You should obtain a copy today to enjoy practical stories of how great organisations have used bible principles to build and sustain businesses.

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About Sesan Oguntade

Sesan Ogunotade is a Success Motivator and Christian Personal Development expert. He is the President of Success Christian Home and the Founder of The Success Laboratory Int'l Seminars. Loves to write books and He writes the Bible Short Reports series available free of charge on this website or at http://www.sesanoguntade.com/shortreports.html. You can contact him through the contact page on this blog.

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