How to Prepare For Jesus’ Second Coming (a free book)


As a young Christian many years ago, I visited a Christian jesus' second comingbrother in his apartment where I met him fast asleep. After waking him up he made an interesting statement that has remained in my heart till today and which I have decided to open this edition of our Bible Short Report Series with. He said, “How are you brother Sesan, before you woke me up I was hearing some loud noise in my sleep and I felt maybe the end has come and that rapture is about to happen”. He continued, “Brother Sesan, how I wish it was so. How great it would be to be caught up into the sky to meet our Lord Jesus Christ”.

The last part of his statement (the one underlined above) was the part that had stood with me till this day. This was a young Christian brother who was so sure in his heart that if
the end comes that very hour, he would be a rapture candidate. Considering the circumstances at that period when I visited him, the statement was from a genuine heart. He just woke up from his sleep and sincerely poured out his earnest expectation!

How many Christians can sincerely and honestly pray for rapture to happen immediately? Can you sincerely make this statement and wished Jesus comes back at this very hour as you read this book? The statement of this brother showed he was prepared to welcome the rapture event. Are you prepared or are you preparing for Jesus' second coming?

This Bible Short Report, by God's grace, will be showing you how to prepare for His second coming. I want to give the Holy Spirit all the glory for this work.

This is a free ebook download. Download and read in any e-format of your choice. Visit Jesus' second coming

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About Sesan Oguntade

Sesan Ogunotade is a Success Motivator and Christian Personal Development expert. He is the President of Success Christian Home and the Founder of The Success Laboratory Int'l Seminars. Loves to write books and He writes the Bible Short Reports series available free of charge on this website or at You can contact him through the contact page on this blog.

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