A Letter To Newly Born Again Christians

born again christians

The Holy Spirit of God has helped me to write this letter to born again christiansyou to welcome you into the body of Jesus Christ, the good Shepherd and also to educate you on one or two things that
you must know in your first few years as a Christian. This is necessary so that you can really enjoy these early Christian days and also be strengthened to continue in the faith
that you have embraced.

I want you to lift up your eyes and read the first bible passage I have up there at the beginning of this letter. Can you see it? Please read carefully through it. I have quoted
from The Living Bible version so that you can understand the meaning at first read.2 Corinthians 5:17 should be the first bible passage you settle down to understand
immediately you become a born again Christian. You can ask the Holy Spirit to tell you more about it. In fact, you will have to learn more things about that scripture from the Holy Spirit all through your Christian life on this earth! It has everything to do with what Christianity as a faith stands for. You can also have a trusted and matured Christian
leader or friend explain it to you. That bible passage is the biblical description of the Jesus life that you will now begin to live.

This report is intended to tell you something about this passage, this is the reason why I have written this letter to you.

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About Sesan Oguntade

Sesan Ogunotade is a Success Motivator and Christian Personal Development expert. He is the President of Success Christian Home and the Founder of The Success Laboratory Int'l Seminars. Loves to write books and He writes the Bible Short Reports series available free of charge on this website or at http://www.sesanoguntade.com/shortreports.html. You can contact him through the contact page on this blog.

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