New Book Releases from Amazon: Problem-Solving Books

New Book Releases from Amazon: Problem-Solving Books. I believe you will love these new releases from me. They are interesting personal development books. They’ll add lots of values to you.

new books releases from amazon

You can also catch up with one or two of the books on the free Kindle promotion. That’s you can download them free if you have a kindle reading app.

All the books are also enrolled in the Kindle Book Select which gives you more options to download the books free.

Now these are the list of the new books from me at Amazon Kindle:

  1. Billion-Dollar Freebies Strategy…Unique and Efficient Small Business Marketing Fundamentals to Grow Your Business. Read more at Billion dollar freebies book
  2. Practical Guide to Christian Self Improvement: 39 Self Help Principles And Personal Development Secrets. Read more at Christian Self Help Book
  3.  27 Christian Ways To Improve Your Job Performance: 27 Tips to Be Successful at Work and on the Job. Visit Tips to improve Jobs performance
  4.  33 Effective Christian Strategies to Grow a Successful Business: Tips to start and grow a small business. Read more. Visit Grow small business
  5.  6 Mistakes I Made As A New Husband: How Christian Husbands Can Avoid These Errors And Save Their Marriages (A Fiction). Visit Christian Marriage

You will love these books. Let me read your comments.

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Sesan Ogunotade is a Success Motivator and Christian Personal Development expert. He is the President of Success Christian Home and the Founder of The Success Laboratory Int'l Seminars. Loves to write books and He writes the Bible Short Reports series available free of charge on this website or at You can contact him through the contact page on this blog.

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