The Reach Out! Education

The Reach Out! Education Programme is a Christian initiative that is involved in the provision of products and services that will enhance performance of the different actors in the education industry.

The Reach Out! Education Programme is an initiave inspired by God and under the supervision of Sesan Ogunotade to use bible principles to solve problems and bring positive changes in the education industry.

This project is reaching out to all the various actors and sections of the education industry,. teachers, students, educational establishments and all other professionals within this industry will be affected by the different programmes and products of this programme.

With the many problems that have rendered our educational sector ineffective, we believe and agree with God that His influence and power are needed to salvage the situation. if the society will rise from the pit of moral decadence, teenagers’ rebellion, students’ corrupt attitude, teachers’ ineffectiveness and general societal corruption, then the education industry needs God’s help!

We believe God is inspiring Sesan Ogunotade, a Christian Personal Developmen expert and Founder, The Success Laboratory Int’l Seminars to be of use in this direction.

These products and services will be administered using the following platforms:

Information Products  Distribution

Products Already Developed

Some of the books already written in this industry are as follows:

A book – Silly Mistakes in Mathematics

A book – How to Be an Excellent Teenager

A book- How to Avoid Cultism Traps in the University

Bible Secrets for Effective School Teaching

How to Study for an Examination

Golden Rules to Teaching Mathematics

How to Parent Your Child in the Boarding School

School Business Profits

How Parents Can Guide Their Children at Home in Mathematics
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